1974 | Danvers State Hospital | Danvers State Insane Asylum

 © Paul Scoglio

Paul's work at Danvers State Hospital began as a Northeastern University co-op student in 1970. The periodic employment there continued through early 1973.  After his graduation in 1973, He returned to work at Danvers State Hospital for another year. In 1973-74, as part of a night class in photography, creating a photo essay was one of his assignments. The vision he held was to photograph the contemporary conditions at Danvers State Hospital. 


Unfortunately at the time, it was a long process to access legal permission to bring a camera onto the hospital grounds. This had been taboo for years and security staff would confiscate cameras periodically, from curious visitors. After several months of petitioning and then negotiating terms of review of photographs taken, the permission was granted. Even with the permission granted, it was necessary to carry the letter documenting that permission. Whenever he had a camera on the grounds, security officers were eager to reprimand him, and attempt to confiscate his camera. They were surprised to see the letter of permission in which he held. 


After resigning from the position as a Ward Attendant, he attended as a full time student at the Montserrat School of Visual Art. (This school became Montserrat College.) The photo essay of DSH was exhibited in his first year at Montserrat. 


The images that appear here are also in a gallery here and full size images and prints are available upon request through the website: paoloscoglio.com 

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