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Any and all questions are welcome but please read carefully prior to sending. The bullets below will help avoid your email going unanswered or in some cases, deleted completely. ​


  • No affiliations: My website has no affiliation with the State of Massachusetts, the town of Danvers, Avalon Bay, Bradlee Danvers or the Department of Mental Health. It is completely independent and not related or bias towards any organization/institution. The views expressed here are strictly my own or used from a source that is credited at the bottom of the pages. 

  • Records & tours: If you’re searching for former patient records, please contact the Department of Mental Health. If you want to rent an apartment, or inquire about tour, contact Bradlee Danvers who owns the property.​​

  • Donations: After 23 years of domain registrations and hosting fee's, I will certainly accept any donations to help pay for this website. Payments can be made to via Paypal @johngray4

Thank you, 

John Gray

Thank You.

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