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images © John Gray

There are 770 graves between both sites, the north cemetery has 677 people buried, with 542 identified and 354 have matching names to their number. The south cemetery has 93 numbered markers with 84 identified, but the names could not be matched with the numbers.


On  September 25, 2002 I was invited to attend a private ceremony with John Archer and the Danvers State Memorial Committee. It was held on the highlands portion of the property located to the left of the Gray Gables. It was a large event complete with a full catering service, planting of flowers and a bell ringing memorial in which every patient's name was read that was buried on the grounds. Many patients shared their story and experience during their stay at the hospital. Some were very honest and wished the hospital was destroyed while others still admired the architecture and enjoyed seeing it again. It was an honor and privilege being there and it was day that was long overdue. 


Unfortunately,  I cannot show all the photographs and video footage I took because of patient confidentiality and I had no signed releases, however here are few from that day. 


John Gray

A list of known patients buried on the property.

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